Monday, January 18, 2010


The next holiday I created windows for was Halloween. Once again a large tree was involved but this one was inspired by the frightening trees in Walt Disney's "SNOW WHITE" and the talking apple trees in "THE WIZARD OF OZ" -- both childhood favorites of mine.
I created a series of costumes for Sasha and Gregor. My two favorites were Sasha as a pretty Witch dressed in a black and red outfit accented with a white eyelet collar and petticoat. She had red tights and wore Caleb's suede shoes. Gregor dressed up as a Scarecrow of sorts. There were Ghost sheets and even a Pumpkin outfit for one of the babies.
The rest of the kids wore these delightful paperbag costumes that "dollsandreams" imported from Europe. I thought they were very clever and fit the Sashas perfectly.
Sadly, I have no photographs of the window after it was installed. But it was a big hit with the neighborhood kids once again.

Tomorrow we will travel down Memory Lane and revisit a "Christmas Past" just as Scrooge once did. The Sasha version is much happier than his was.

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