Sunday, January 3, 2010


Let's begin with the basic fashions that Mandy and her friend Jenny came dressed in.
In 1977 the first "My Friend Mandy" #210 was introduced. She came packaged in a large pink window box. The first Mandy outfit was a charming pink dress sprinkled with pin dots and trimmed with lace. She had matching pink tights and white plastic shoes. She also had a white straw hat trimmed with a pink ribbon. The package also contained a pink floral print flannel nightgown accented with a pink ribbon bow. Also included in the box was a hair care booklet and a sewing pattern # 206960 for a cape and hood.

In 1979, Mandy got her first companion - "My Friend Jenny" #212. Like Mandy, Jenny came in a pink window box. She also had a hair care booklet and a pattern for a Nightgown #231470. Jenny had brown hair and her outfit consisted of an ivory colored blouse and a chocolate brown floral design jumper dress with dark brown tights and chocolate brown plastic shoes. She also wore a straw hat trimmed with a brown ribbon.