Friday, January 1, 2010


Borrowing Fashions begins with an outfit from AMERICAN GIRL. Generally the clothing in this line is too large to fit Sasha but this outfit is a charming exception.

This is called "KIT'S OVERALLS" and is listed as item # D7235 on the AG website. It consists of a cap, striped shirt, and hand-me-down bib overalls. The boots that are shown with this outfit are too large for Sasha and are sold separately. The outfit retails for $28.00 and is currently available.

I read somewhere that in the story Kit dresses up like a boy in this outfit so I think it works equally well on Gregor.

REVIEW: I give this outfit top marks for detail and quality of design and manufacture. The shirt sleeves are too long but can easily be folded up at the cuffs. The overalls are baggy but the current styles of today feature oversize pants so this works for Sasha as well. Gregor is wearing a white T-shirt not included with the AG outfit. He is wearing a pair of tan suede boots that came from "dollsandreams" back in the early 70s.