Sunday, May 31, 2009


My first Sasha dolls were all adopted from "dollsandreams" back in the early 1970s. They all came in tubes and were all the same size.
My second Sasha family was created a few years ago when I decided to replace my first family that was lost in a move to California.
This new family spans several years of Trendon production and so my kids are all different sizes.
On the far left is my new MARINA who is the tallest. On the far right is CALEB who is the shortest. He appears to be as tall as my blonde SASHA but he is just slightly smaller. This range of production sizes has been a favorite topic among collectors and a bit of a problem when attempting to date the "birth" year of a particular doll.
My blonde SASHA is from 1970 and her brother, GREGOR, is from about the same time. The two brunettes are obviously from very different production periods. The PINAFORE has lighter brunette hair and softer coloring. MARINA has very dark hair and brighter coloring as well as a lighter complexion.
I like this new group because they actually resemble the variations that occur with children in real life.
Like MARINA, I was the tallest kid who was "big for my age" and always put in the back row or last in line.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Say hello to my new CALEB who came from a wonderful eBay seller. He is an early Caleb with tan suede shoes. He is mint and came with his original box which was a bit shabby from time on a shelf.
I love his face and tight curly hair. Sadly, these photos do not do him justice because he is very dark toned and photo lights do not really illuminate his handsome face.