Monday, December 21, 2009


If you are looking for a great background material to photograph your Sasha dolls against here is a simple and inexpensive solution. It is a sturdy vinyl sheet with a graduated color background going from dark to light. You can use it either way -- dark to light or light to dark. Each sheet is 31 x 43 inches and costs about $40.00. I got this version from an eBay store that specializes in photography equipment. The sheets come in a variety of color schemes. This one is brown to white.
It is sturdy and has a soft matte finish that doesn't reflect or bounce light that might create hot spots in your photograph. And it simply rolls up for storage.

Available here:

Sunday, December 20, 2009


The Sashas woke up to discover that we are snowbound under more than twenty inches of snow. They were up at first light and tried to look over the snow piled up against their window sill but it was too high.
"Let's go into the studio." they shouted.

Teddy Bear joined them as they peered into the white blanket of snow that covered everything.
"I can't see." cried Teddy Bear who was too small to see over the snow piled against the window sill.
"Look how pretty our favorite evergreen tree looks. Hooray -- we will have a white Christmas!"

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Here are the kids looking out the window at a flock of birds that have landed in the tree just outside their window. Ever since the snow began these birds, and many others, have been perched in the branches nibbling at the remaining leaves untouched by autumn's winds. The branches sway back and forth from their weight and the wind that is gusting and sending snow flurries through the branches. It is quite a sight and the Sashas are loving it.


Here is Gregor showing off two new sleds that are perfect for a Sasha to go wooshing down a hill.

On the left is a classic RADIO FLYER sled available on eBay for about $5 if you get lucky. On the right is an AMERICAN GIRL sled also available on eBay for about $35 if you get lucky.
Both sleds are made a wood with metal runners. And both are a good scale for a Sasha doll. Personally I think the RADIO FLYER version is more interesting looking and is more delicately crafted. They are just a bit more difficult to find.
RADIO FLYER makes several sizes so it is important to make sure you are bidding on the 16-inch version.
RADIO FLYER also makes delightful bikes and wagons in a Sasha size. When searching on eBay use the search term "Radio Flyer" or "doll sled" to get the best results.


Friday, December 18, 2009


Here is one of my blonde Sasha "sisters" getting ready for the next snowfall. She is from the early 70s and has lovely eyes with an iris outline. Today she is dressed completely in a RUTH'S DOLLS outfit. She loves her matching pink ankle boot shoes and the fact that her mittens are connected by a thin cord so they won't get lost.
She has her RADIO FLYER sled that was discovered on eBay. Now all she needs is SNOW.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Some little girls crave an endless variety of shoes. This Sasha delights in an extensive collection of knitted hats -- one for every mood or occasion. She has found them in a variety of colors and patterns. There is a simple knitted "watch cap" knitted in a mixture of light and dark "oatmeal" colors. There is the chocolate one with a simple pattern around the edge. The oversize shaggy one looks like it was made from a carpet remnant. There is a dark taupe long "Santa" cap with an oversize pom-pom and matching scarf. The ivory Irish knit "watch cap" also has an oversize pom-pom that gives it a jaunty look.
Each cap seems to change her "look" completely and to suit her various moods which are too numerous to name.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


We had a bit of snow last night and the girls decided to dress for the event.