Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Here is another of my Feltman doll dress designs. This pale buttercup yellow dress was never produced in this version. As with any design project there are always variations of any concept and some never make it into production -- at least not in their first version.

This prototype is now up for auction on eBay. Auction number 120654466314

At the time that I was designing these dresses I was not aware of Sasha's beautiful studio dolls that often were dressed in similar "heirloom" styles.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Last week on a whim I sent away for this printed "Everyday Clothing Panel" from HOME-SEW. It cost just $9.95 and I thought it might be a fun challenge to alter it for a Sasha. It arrived yesterday and I was delighted with the quality -- especially the colorful and detailed printing on a lovely 100% cotton panel.

The outfit is intended to fit an 18-inch doll -- there is a companion printed rag doll panel -- or an American Girl type of doll.

I decided to only use the pieces provided but not necessarily the way they were intended to be used. The "lining" for the collar and back closing of the blouse became a collar and bow. Because Sasha is only 16 inches tall I had some skirt fabric excess to play with. And I decided to make a full dress instead of a blouse and skirt. Some of the skirt material became pockets and part of the apron became its waistband.

I'm not a great fan of poke bonnets but I made this one more or less as described. Overall I think it turned out to be a fun project and considering the price, an inexpensive one. The final outfit looks much more expensive than $9.95.

While I was working on it I thought this would make a fun challenge to see how many variations our clever designers might come up with.

Meanwhile, Sasha is enjoying her new frock and is looking for some geese or maybe a couple of lambs.

Friday, November 26, 2010


The Center City Doll Club in Philadelphia will be hosting AN EVENING WITH SASHA in January 2011. The tentative date is Tuesday evening January 18th at 8 pm. The club will be celebrating Robbin's winning the Sasha Pinafore Challenge and we will be displaying her winning outfits. There will be refreshments and possibly some of Robbin's creations for sale.
This is a small, very relaxed and friendly club that meets in the HAPPILY EVER AFTER doll and toy shop once a month.

If you live close enough to join us please feel free to bring a Sasha and share a couple of hours having an evening with Sasha.

I'll post more details as the date is confirmed. I hope some of you will join us.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


FIRST PLACE - designed by Robbin

SECOND PLACE designed by Maureen

THIRD PLACE designed by Robbin

FOURTH PLACE designed by Monica

FIFTH PLACE designed by Jocelyn

Congratulations to the top five most popular designs. Thanks to all the talented designers who made this challenge a fabulous success.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Fashion today is often made up of mixtures of colors and eclectic styles. I find myself buying both packaged outfits as well as second-hand things on eBay. And, over time, I discovered that I have little mini color collections.

My lavender "collection" began with a "Best Friends Club" packaged outfit in shades of lavender. Next came another packaged outfit from the "Tolly Girls" and finally a "batch" of "Our Generation" second-hand outfits from eBay.

Sasha is now wearing a really beautifully made white parka with lavender fleece pants and perfect fitting gloves from "Our Generation" plus a shirt and boots from the "Best Friends Club" collection.

My red, white, and blue collection began with the "Tommy Hilfiger" fashions but over the years I have added more and more outfits from various sources in those colors and now I can outfit about a dozen dolls in those colors.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to organize all my Sasha fashions. Doing it by color might be efficient but I'm also tempted to do it by seasons.

It would all be so much easier if my Sashas decided to become nudists.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Sasha is wearing her new outfit from SASHA DOLL STYLE. This ensemble is called "Spring Green and Gray" and was created by Nikki.

I often think of Shelly's website as a museum where I get to view fantastic Sasha dolls that I will never see in person or be able to adopt. My good friend Nancy taught me the art of visiting expensive stores and thinking of them as museums.

If visiting Shelly's website is like going to a museum then visiting Nikki's website is like taking a guided tour of Belfast, Northern Ireland where her Sashas romp and frolic at the beach and play in her gardens. Her photo stories are miniature works of art.

All aspiring designers and knitters should look at her website and her equally amazing blog because it is like taking advanced courses in fashion design. Her approach to designing for Sasha is insightful and carefully plotted so that each ensemble is a carefully crafted gem of color and pattern.

Her blog takes us through the process step-by-step as each season she creates two collections -- one in warm tones and the other in cool tones.

This latest outfit consists of a hat and sweater in the same colors and pattern with corduroy trousers and a knitted shoulder bag. Originally the outfit came with navy and white trainers but these matching Mary Janes were Sasha's choice. The tiny stuffed octopus was a surprise gift.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Here is Gregor wearing the finished gold brocade vest made from lightweight upholstry fabric.

I usually back the brocade with lightweight iron-on interfacing. I use organdy or a very lightweight cotton for the lining.

I intend to close the shoulder seams using a ladder stitch because it is less bulky and will lay better on Gregor's shoulders. Note the red arrows that show where I trimmed back the seam allowance. The pattern outline can either be a sewing line or a cutting line for fabrics like Ultrasuede or leather. I have traced the pattern onto the back of the brocade fabric being careful to line up the brocade pattern.

Next I sew the outline of the vest being careful to leave an opening to turn-out the garment. Note the red arrows where I have left the opening and folded back the seam allowance. Note how the seam allowance has been trimmed to avoid any bulky corners.

I use forceps to turn out the vest and a pointed wooden dowel to push out the corners.

Then I steam the vest flat.

Looking at the enlarged detail of the shoulder seams you can see that the version on the right has the traditional sewn across with seam allowance closure. The shoulder seam on the left was closed using a ladder stitch which allows it to be less bulky.

The best thing about this pattern is how really easy it is to use in dozens of different ways -- for Gregor or even for Sasha.

Because of the way it is designed you can use stripes, or checks, or plaids and never have to worry about matching up the patterns. Designs can run vertical or horizontal and always work perfectly.

The two shoulder seams can be sewn two different ways depending on the fabric or your design. You can use the standard sewn across with seam allowance or you can cut off the seam allowance on the pattern and join the two sides using a ladder stitch, This allows you to use heavier fabrics like the brocade in the sample above and it also works if you want to make a reversible vest.


Here is Sasha dressed in one of the studio style dresses that I created for Feltman Bros. Now at auction on eBay. Item number 120648506194 or use this link http://tinyurl.com/39czwh2

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


In 2008 I offered this free vest pattern. Here it is again in case you missed it the first time or have recently joined one of the Sasha groups. In the days ahead I will show you all various ways to use the pattern to make delightful vests for Gregor.

While this is not a challenge I'm sure everyone will want to see your designs so I will happily post any photographs sent in.

This is a simple "almost no-sew" design that works really well with plaids and prints because it does not involve pattern matching.

Send an e-mail to SashaStreetUSA@aol.com with the word VEST in the subject line.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


There is a chill in the air and that means it will soon be mittens time for Sasha and Gregor. Here is Gregor wearing a pair of Tommy Hilfiger hot pink mittens and also wearing a pair of bright yellow mittens made from my free mittens pattern.

If you would like to make some mittens for your Sasha dolls just send an e-mail to SashaStreetUSA@aol.com and put the word MITTENS in the subject line. ENJOY

Monday, November 1, 2010


Gregor is delighted with this TOLLY GIRL snowboarder outfit. Everything fits him except the original boots so he is wearing a pair of the Ugg style boots from The Shop on Sasha Street. Gregor really likes the oversize sunglasses that I had to reshape (with a hair dryer) to fit his head. A nip and tuck quickly fixed the slightly oversize waist band.

Now all we have to do is wait for the first snowfall and then we can hit the slopes.