Tuesday, January 12, 2010


"Soccer Outfit" (#K32) includes shirt and shorts, socks and sport shoes plus a soccer ball.

"Sleeping Outfit" (#K30) includes nightshirt, sleeping bag (rolled up under her arm) and slippers.
"Roller Skating Outfit" (K34) includes pink shorts, T-shirt, knee socks, roller skates that actually lace up and wheels that roll. Also includes a comb and lip gloss.

"Jogging Outfit" (#K33) includes sweat pants, hoodie, running shoes, socks, and a jump rope.

"Bedtime Outfit" (#K37) includes a robe, hair curlers, brush, ribbons, and a hair styling booklet.

I was not aware of the KIMBERLY doll line until Dorisanne mentioned it to me. Then Joan, a fellow Sasha collector, was kind enough to loan me some of her outfits.
Kimberly was produced in 1984 by TOMY. The clothing fits Sasha nicely and even the shoes fit Sasha which is a plus. Joan mentioned that sometimes the plastic shoes need to be softened up by heating them until pliable. This often happens with older plastic shoes.
A bit of research shows that most of the outfits are casual and the fashions were used on dressed
dolls as well as being offered as separate carded sets. Many of the outfits are available on eBay as well as from some vintage doll shops.