Tuesday, January 19, 2010


In 1935, my father's display company created Macy's mechanical Christmas windows. I grew up around artists and puppeteers so creating settings for the Sasha dolls was familiar territory.
I thought it would be fun to create a room setting for the Sashas as they got ready for Christmas. The room was filled with antique furniture that I had collected in Sasha scale. Once again I filled the setting with little props and details that always delighted my young viewers. While my first Sasha family was lost, many of the props survived and can be seen in later photos. The little red horse that Sasha is wrapping has been in our "family" since the early 1970s and now belongs to my second brunette Gregor.
The pink dress that Sasha is wearing is actually made from a designer print bed sheet that I picked up at a yard sale. Baby Sasha has a tiny antique bisque baby doll. There is a snowman snow globe on the chest behind Sasha.
I especially like Gregor's bathrobe and matching pajamas that look a lot like ones I had as a kid.
And there is a rag hook rug on the floor (a dinner place mat from a craft shop). And the wall paper is actually gift wrap which often makes terrific wall paper for settings.

Can you find the tiny Alice in Wonderland doll in the setting?

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