Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The 1970s continued the "LOVE" theme of the 1960s Woodstock Generation. Fashion expressed itself in a wide variety of ways -- from mini-skirts to "Granny" dresses. MANDY and SASHA fashions were both influenced by these trends.

In 1978 Mandy had a Granny dress called "Party Time" (#221) that was pale blue with a subtle white floral print. The Empire bodice was shirred and had puffed sleeves. The outfit came with white plastic dancing shoes.

In 1975 Sasha had a Granny dress called "Long Dress" (#105) that was forest green with a white abstract floral print. It featured an Empire waist and puffed sleeves. The outfit came with white leather shoes.

The origin of the Granny dress is obvious but it has some interesting historical sidelights. The Great Depression spawned many "economy" features to various products. Farmers were especially hard hit so enterprising live stock feed companies began using mini floral print fabric for their bags. This fabric was then used to make dresses and shirts for children and adults. Many of these were in the tradition of the Granny dress.

In England, during the 60s and 70s, the fashion designer Laura Ashley raised these floral prints to high style along with the Granny dress. Her dresses were sought after by the "MOD Birds" in both the UK and the US.

Mandy and Sasha were both trendy little girls in their Granny dresses.