Thursday, December 23, 2010


What a delightful surprise -- a Christmas gift from "Aunt" Kendal for one of my Sasha baby dolls. Of course it was immediately snapped up by "Scamp" the newest kid on the block. It is our very first outfit created by DOLLYDOODLES and features a teddy bear motif. The delightful design has a white front with a patterned back.

I thought that "Scamp" and her Teddy Bear friends might enjoy posing in front of the heavy-weight tapestry print created entirely from drawings of Teddy Bears I created for a Dover clip art book. It was quite a surprise when I found the fabric because I had never seen any of my art used this way. "Scamp" and her friends really like the image of the Teddy Bear riding a rocking horse.

And so, a Merry Christmas to All, and to all a Good Night.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


In the mid 1930s my father's display company created Macy's mechanical Christmas window displays. I was very young -- 3 or 4 -- but I still remember the giant toy machine that cranked out all sorts of toys.

I worked briefly as a display designer in a local department store but never got to do anything as fantastic as what my father's company had created.

Decades later, in the mid 1970s, I created this window display for "dollsandreams" in New York City. That is where I discovered Sasha dolls and where I spent many happy hours "interviewing" potential adoptees.

Over the years I created several windows for the shop but this was one of my favorites.


Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sasha looks like an angel in this prototype dress that I created for the Feltman Bros. doll dress line. It is currently being offered on eBay -- Item number 120666605501

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


In these harsh economic times every penny counts -- especially if we want to adopt another Sasha. So I keep track of all my supermarket discounts and use coupons until my savings add up to a reasonable adoption fee.

And I recycle and reuse everything I can. Here are two of my favorites. I love French Roast coffee and the red plastic containers are well designed and sturdy. I use them to store all sorts of things in both the kitchen and my workroom. In the winter I fill them with water and place one in each room so that the heating doesn't dry out everything including my Sashas.

The other item I really love is this Roasted Chicken container. I love sliced chicken sandwiches and this brand packages it in this terrific container that stacks easily or hangs smartly on a peg board. They are transparent so I am able to see whatever I store inside them.

I used to buy plastic pencil boxes but they cost about a dollar each. These are better for my needs and are free.

All these plastic items may not be eco friendly but for me they are eco-nomically friendly and over time contribute to my doll fund by saving the money I might have spent for more expensive containers.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Sasha is delighted with her latest outfit from SASHA DOLL STYLE -- created by Nikki. It seems that Sasha has developed a passion for purple. The polo neck sweater is hand knit using 4 ply wool in purple, navy blue, and sky blue. This is paired with navy blue fine cotton needlecord boot leg trousers. A knit hair band and knit socks complete the ensemble. The set came with a shark hand puppet.

To see more of Nikki's fabulous Sasha fashions just click on this link

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Here is another one of my prototype designs for the FELTMAN BROS. doll dress line. It is currently being offered on eBay. Item number 120659386363

Or use this link

Monday, December 6, 2010


Here is another of my FELTMAN BROS. prototype dresses that was one of several designs created for their line of doll fashions.

It is currently being offered on eBay. Item number 120657240624

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Over the past few years I have been rebuilding my original Sasha family from the early 1970s. Those dolls were lost in a move from New York to California. The most difficult girl to replace was my 1971-72 wide face brunette. I found her on eBay a few months ago but like many of her sisters, she has delicate hair. So rather than risk damaging her with various modeling assignments I went in search of another brunette -- one with non-falling hair.

This charming mid-70s girl just arrived and I'm still trying to figure out what her personality really is. Here are a few images of her "screen test" and I am just beginning to know her. Only time, and more modeling, with reveal her heart and soul but I think we are off to a good start.