Friday, January 15, 2010


In the beginning I had no intention of adopting more than that first Gregor. I justified having him stand by my typewriter while I worked instead of keeping him in his tube until Adam was old enough to play with him. Gregor needed to come out and see the world.
But he got lonesome.

So a week later I went back to "dollsandreams" and bought him a sister. She was a lovely brunette Sasha with thick hair and long fringe. She and Gregor got along very well but there wasn't much room on my desk so I bought a beautiful oak bookcase for them to live in.
Eventually, there were twelve bookcases and over a hundred Sasha kids playing on the shelves.

Here are pictures of my first brunettes as well as my first set of blonde twins. The beautiful antique bamboo trimmed Victorian wardrobe was one of many pieces of antique doll furniture I acquired in those early years.

History does repeat itself. Last week I bought two bookcases for my new Sasha family to live in.

However, history does not repeat itself economically. In the early 1970s a Sasha doll cost about $17.00 mint in tube. And there were often dolls available for less after Christmas. My first family, which included dolls from the production years of 1969 through 1972, cost me about $1,500.00 for a hundred dolls. Today, just one of those 1969 dolls would cost that much if not more.