Thursday, January 21, 2010


The 1960s and 1970s were a time of colorful fashion styles. In 1969, IDEAL introduced the first "CRISSY" doll who was 18-inches tall. In 1970 they introduced her little cousin "VELVET" who was 16-inches tall. Many of their outfits fit Sasha.
In the photos of my two redheads (below) Gregor is wearing the jean pants from "Dandy Denims" and the flowered jacket from "Blouson Battle" -- both from Velvet's wardrobe.
In the photos of my two blondes (above) Gregor is wearing a "Crissy" outfit called "Jean Machine" but he had to turn up the pants cuffs. I'm not sure where the Sasha dresses came from but they are commercially made and from the same time period.

Thanks to Sue who reminded me where these Gregor outfits came from. After a bit of online research I discovered that I bought several other outfits from the Crissy fashion line so that my Sasha and Gregor dolls could enjoy the unisex Hippie fashions of the day.

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