Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sasha may have many more doll closets to open than Gregor but there are a few items he can borrow from his "older brothers."
In the TONNER fashion line there are several 17-inch male characters in the "Tyler Wentworth" series who have great looking jackets and shirts that fit Gregor. And in the original GENE line there was a male character named TRENT who also had a few jackets and sweaters that caught Gregor's eye.
Both of these lines are well made and usually feature excellent fabrics. The problem is in finding loose items that fit and are not too expensive. Another problem is that Gregor's hands are larger than the male dolls in the other lines so some sleeves are too tight for Gregor.
In the Tonner series, most of the T-shirts and regular shirts will fit Gregor. Tonner has recently added several more male characters to other lines, including Harry Potter, that use the basic male body or a body of a similar size.
Above we see Gregor wearing a basic white T-shirt from the MATT line. His gray slacks are from Trendon. He is wearing black Doc Martin boots from an Asian BJD company. The tan suede jacket is beautifully crafted and has tiny working button holes. The navy blue Pea Coat is also handsomely tailored. There are several nice cable knit sweaters in the MATT line that are lightweight and fit easily under jackets. Finally Gregor wears a tennis sweater from the TRENT fashion series.
There are many other shirts and jackets from these two companies that will probably fit Gregor but I have never found them loose and so Gregor has had to be satisfied with these few pieces.