Thursday, March 25, 2010


The first SNAPPY BUNNY class has been posted on the blog today. The special instructions for BUNNY are posted. The general instructions are the same for BUNNY and BEAR.

Classes are here:

Monday, March 8, 2010


Baby Sasha and Snappy Bunny are busy helping Daddy Ted make up the SNAPPY BUNNY kits. Each kit comes with a pattern on heavy paper, white mohair fur, pink felt, a pink nose pom-pom, a white tail pom-pom, two white cheek pom-poms, black bead eyes, stringing thread, and snaps for joints.
Classes will be online next week at

Friday, March 5, 2010


My favorite boot-maker has created a line of UGG style boots especially for Sasha and Gregor. The first group of wonderful colors can now be seen on my " The Shop on Sasha Street" blog.
There you will find pictures, prices, and ordering information.


Thursday, March 4, 2010


One of the problems we all face as Sasha collectors is the consequence of staining. I recently had a Gregor suffer stains from a waist band and then from a pair of boots. After investing in several tubes of OXY10 the stains have lightened considerably and I'm sure will eventually disappear, but it takes a long time and can get expensive if a stain persists.

We all like to dress and redress our dolls and this staining problem cannot be predicted. So I decided to take steps to protect my dolls against staining by having Wendy at DOLL SECRETS create a flesh colored body suit for Sasha. It consists of tights and a leotard and only costs $15.00 -- a small price to pay for protection.

Here is the link to her delightful website

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In the late 1960s IDEAL introduced the "Crissy" doll and her family and friends including "Velvet" and an extensive wardrobe of Love Generation fashions. Here is Sasha dressed in "Hippie Happening" which features lovely accents like thin pink insertion ribbons in the lace trim. The ivory fabric features ribbed detailing. The dress is accented with a yarn belt in hot pink and Aqua. This is a beautifully crafted dress that looks wonderful on Sasha but doesn't quite fit her waist. That is easily altered with the addition of two strips of matching ribbon in the back.
The "Velvet" outfits generally fit Sasha better and are all equally charming in a retro style. While Sasha and Crissy were contemporaries in the doll world their fashion styles were very different. Nonetheless, Sasha does enjoy dressing up as a "Love-In" hippie.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Sasha plays dress-up in this Prilly-Charmin ivory organza dancing dress fit for a Princess or a Flower Girl at a wedding. Little girls love to play "older" and this sweet gown features charming details like the rosebud at her neck and on the matching bow in her hair.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Gregor is delighted with this Tommy Hilfiger outfit and scooter. Once again the Tommy series has provided Sasha and Gregor with a great outfit and accessories. This boxed "school" set has a scooter and a number of charming accessories including a laptop computer and carrying bag. The red strap watch is part of that set as well. Gregor's helmet is from the "roller skate" boxed set. Since most of the Hilfiger outfits and accessories are in the same color scheme, everything is easy to mix and match.
His outfit consists of a sleeveless denim vest with an attached hood and worn over a three-quarter sleeve T-shirt decorated with stars and stripes. His shorts are borrowed from the Magic Attic collection. The socks and sneakers are commercially made.

Sasha and Gregor both love the Tommy Hilfiger style of fashions and have built an extensive collection of the fashions and accessories that they have then expanded with fashions in the same color scheme from other doll collections.

Just as adult fashions can come from a variety of sources, so can doll fashions if you know where to look and keep a sharp eye out for what will work together. It takes time but the end result is always great fun.