Saturday, January 16, 2010


It wasn't long before I became a regular customer at "dollsandreams" and close friends with the owners, Yvonne and Bruno. Summer was approaching and I suggested doing a window display of the Sashas having a picnic. Eventually this idea grew into a complicated project.
First, I bought a sewing machine and took sewing lessons. The SINGER company offered free classes but the teacher tossed me out of the first class because I couldn't learn to thread my needle. So my good friend, Patty, became my teacher and sewing mentor. We shared a fondness for fine Scotch and after a couple of drinks I finally learned to thread my needle.
The first outfits I created for my Sashas were all made from bright red bandana print fabric. The next part of the project consisted of building a tree house for the kids. This was lots of fun and I spent many weekends constructing it. I also built the picnic table. The lettuce in the bowls is made from painted and torn up paper towels.

Tomorrow the tree house and the kids are installed in the front window of "dollsandreams" where they became the delight of the neighborhood children.