Saturday, January 30, 2010


A delightful skating outfit created especially for "dollsandreams" by one of their home designers.

The original Christmas dress I created and was eventually worn by a blonde in the "dollsandreams" window display.

A charming jeans patchwork outfit created especially for "dollsandreams" by one of their home designers.

A romantic white gossamer gown borrowed from an Italian Furga doll.

During the early days of my collecting I used to visit "dollsandreams" every Saturday to do two things. First, to adopt another Sasha or two and then to see the newest fashion creations created by the home designers.
I usually arrived about an hour or two before the shop officially opened and would go down into the stock room and "interview" new kids. Back then all the dolls were in tubes and the stock room walls were lined with hundreds of them. They were all encased in their brown paper drawstring bags so the process involved opening that bag, then taking the cap off of the tube and sliding out the doll. I could usually open about twenty-five or thirty tubes in an hour.

As a young boy I learned the proper way to interview dolls and teddy bears when my Grandmother would line bears and dolls up on the counter of FAO Schwarz and peer intently into their faces until one "spoke" to her.

And so I would line up the Sashas and peer into their faces until one "spoke" to me. Eventually, I found several brunettes that had these wide faces and deep V-shaped bangs (fringe) and they became my favorite photography models.

They are all gone now. Some were adopted by other collectors and some were lost in our move. I have managed to find several "cousins" of my original blondes but after eight years of searching I have never found another brunette quite like these.

I think we all need a quest in life and finding another brunette like the ones in my original family is mine.

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