Sunday, April 5, 2009


I first began collecting Sasha dolls in the early 1970s when I discovered them playing in the window of "dollsandreams -- a toy shop in New York City. It all began with a brunette Gregor who looked like my son, but quickly escalated into an obsession that ended up with my little family becoming extended into over a hundred "kids"
Sadly, none of them survived our move to California and several years ago I rediscovered Sasha dolls on eBay. Since that time I have found many look-alike dolls that resemble my first family.

Here are pictures of my original blonde twins (top photo) and my new twins (middle and bottom photos) I think the new girls really resemble my first twins. One of the new girls came from Shelly in England and the other one came from Kelly in America. Of course both originated in England, but now they are reunited.

I am still searching for the elusive brunette Sasha that will resemble my first family brunette. I think we should all have a wish list, so I will continue my quest.

Meanwhile, all the new kids are getting to know one another.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Please welcome my newest Sasha - brunette "Red Pinafore" - who just arrived. She is factory mint and has beautiful hair. I think she is a real charmer.