Friday, January 8, 2010


Here are two red and white "My Friend Mandy" outfits that look delightful on Sasha.

First is the charming "Town and Country Pantsuit" (#218) that features a white man-tailored shirt jacket and matching slacks. The shirt has accented collar and cuffs featuring a red and white print fabric. Also included is a long scarf that can double as an ascot or a hair ribbon. The set originally included a pair of white clogs but Sasha prefers the red clogs. The set included an easy-sew pattern (#207970) for a wrap-around skirt.

This outfit also came with a blue and white fabric trim.

On an even more casual note we have "Sweater-Coat" outfit (#225) which features bright red slacks and a white knit belted sweater-coat and a matching hat. This basic outfit could easily be mixed with other fashions including T-shirts and skirts. This set included an easy-sew pattern (#235820) for a blouse.

Once again we see how charming Sasha looks in these borrowed fashions.