Thursday, August 12, 2010


Sasha has been borrowing fashions from all of the Best Friends Club dolls. Yesterday the charming new Asian girl, YUKO, arrived from QVC as part of their special offer of a boxed doll and a boxed outfit for just $29.64.

The latest edition of the BFC dolls are more articulated with joints added to the elbow, wrist and ankle which certainly has added play value to the line.

The big surprise was what a lovely Asian head sculpt she has. There are not many Asian dolls out there and most of the sculpts are not very good. I thought she deserved a moment in the spotlight before sharing her outfit with Sasha.

We're waiting for the new Best Friends Club boy to arrive and hope his outfit will fit Gregor. Meanwhile, Sasha is busy trying on several new borrowed outfits that she will model in the days ahead.