Wednesday, August 18, 2010


"Do you have dreams?" asked Mister Bug.
"Yes, I do." replied Baby Greg.

"What do you dream about when you wear your fish pajamas?" asked Mister Bug.
"I dream that I'm a fish swimming under the sea." answered Baby Greg.
"Let's ask Mister Fish what it is like under the sea." suggested Mister Bug.
"Yes, let's do that," said Baby Greg. "Mister Fish, what is it like being under the sea?"
"Would you like to see?" replied Mister Fish, "You just have to imagine it."
"Don't be frightened, Mister Bug, it's just me being a fish in my imagination." said Baby Greg.
"That's a really big fish." said Mister Bug.

"Yes it is and I have been swimming all over the bottom of the sea."
"And what did you see under the sea?" asked Mister Bug.

"I saw colorful fish, and mermaids, and sea shells, and all sorts of strange creatures."
"Did you really?" asked Mister Bug.
"No, I just imagined it." confessed Baby Greg, "But it seemed real."
Baby Greg is wearing a fish costume created for the MADI and SNEAKABOO doll line. When he goes to sleep in his fishy jammies tonight he will dream about more fantastic fishes and maybe even meet Father Neptune.