Friday, August 6, 2010


Sasha wears the Crissy original lace dress she came dressed in.

Sasha wears the Crissy fashion "Jean Machine" and I solved the long pant length problem by folding up the bottoms into cuffs. Original outfit had a wide hip-hugger belt that has gone missing.

Sasha wears the Velvet original plaid dress she came dressed in.

Sasha wears the Velvet fashion "Glad Plaid" which has a charming sailor collar. Original outfit came with a matching scarf.

In 1969, the IDEAL TOY COMPANY introduced "CRISSY" a doll with growing hair. It was a clever innovation that was instantly popular with little girls across the country. The Crissy line had the MOD look of the day and her fashions reflected what the London trend-setters were dictating. It was the time of A-line baby doll dresses, mini skirts, maxi coats, and bell bottoms on everything.
Later, her cousin, VELVET, joined the fun. While Crissy is 18-inches tall, cousin Velvet was just 16-inches tall. The same height as Sasha. As with most borrowed fashions, some outfits fit well while others need some alterations. Here are four borrowed outfits that all fit Sasha without any serious alterations. Just one little trick to solve the problem of the too long pants.