Saturday, August 28, 2010


I recently adopted a brunette Sasha waif with seriously shedding hair. When she arrived it was clear that she would need a complete makeover. While her hair was a complete disaster, she was perfect in every other way and has a lovely soft matte finish and amber brown, hand-finished eyes.

It took over two hours to pull out all of her damaged hair until she was bald without any stubble.

I decided that she would make a lovely redhead and so I took one of the wigs I had designed for Sasha dolls and restyled it. A while back Kendal showed one of her waifs wearing this wig as it was originally styled with long curls and two front panels pulled back into a mini ponytail caught up with a ribbon.

But I wanted a different look for my new girl so I combed out her long curls until they fell into a soft semi ponytail in back. Then I took down the two front panels and let them fall on either side of her face in soft tendrils.

She is wearing one of the three outfits that she came with. This is my second waif and my first Sasha reborn as a redhead.