Sunday, August 22, 2010


Here is Sasha with her friend ROSE from the original MAGIC ATTIC collection created by Robert Tonner. This Rose is just a bit taller than the early Trendon Sasha and about the same height as the later Trendon girls. She is bisque with a stuffed body and her clothes are an almost perfect fit for Sasha.
The later vinyl version of the Magic Attic girls, including Rose, are more than an inch taller and their fashions vary in size and fit for Sasha.

While Rose's makeup is more vibrant than Sasha's, her skin tone is about the same. Looking back it seems odd that any company would produce a bisque play doll in this day and age. Obviously they realized that and changed over to vinyl soon after the first dolls were introduced.

These early versions are not seen often on eBay where I found this one several years ago. She has been a good friend to Sasha ever since.