Tuesday, August 10, 2010



I kept seeing the EURO GIRL outfits being sold on eBay in the Sasha section and wondered if they really did fit Sasha. I bought three outfits and realized right away that they were all oversize on Sasha. One works pretty well and I have shown Sasha wearing it in an earlier posting. The second one - a red coat and denim pinafore - presented a major challenge and while the pinafore was easy to alter the coat would need to be completely redone. So I put it aside and tried to figure out what to do with this white party dress that seems to be swallowing Sasha in its huge sleeves and multi-layered skirt.

Here is what I did. First I removed the second skirt layer. Then I reduced the width of the sleeves by simply sewing a new narrower inside seam. Next I reduced the size of the bow on her waist band.
I took the second skirt and cut the width in half. I used part of the top half to make the top of the hat. And the bottom half with the scalloped edge became the brim.
I thought the lace edged socks were too fussy so I replaced them with pink tights. The original shoes fit perfectly.

The result is a Victorian-like Sunday in the Park dress and hat ensemble that works much better on Sasha. But it took almost as much time to do as it would have been to start from scratch.

But I like a challenge now and then.