Monday, August 9, 2010



Today begins a new series about altering borrowed fashions. Some of these alterations only amount to a stitch here and there while others require more extensive changes to make them fit Sasha.

Sasha fell in love with this beautifully made Magic Attic navy pea coat with bright brass buttons. And she loved the red and blue backpack and the little black and white hounds-tooth print carry-all. But most of all she loved the gold rimmed eyeglasses. After several months of searching for this set on eBay we finally won one a few weeks ago.
Most of the Magic Attic items fit Sasha without any alterations but when we tried on the pea coat it just looked oversize and ill-fitting. I used my tailoring skills to make one simple change that took less than ten minutes.

At first I thought I might have to shorten the sleeves but after I made the basic change everything fit better. And what was the change? Can you see it?

All I did was move the bottom two buttons up and add an additional closing snap. I steamed out the collar and reshaped it to fit around Sasha's neck better. It also made the coat lay better on her shoulders. That automatically raised up the sleeve length. Not a nip or a tuck was needed -- just one tiny snap and a bit of steam to reshape the collar.

Now the coat looks as if it was tailored especially for Sasha and not just a hand-me-down.