Sunday, August 8, 2010


ABOVE: First Sasha Brunette
BELOW: My New Sasha Brunette

My new brunette has just indulged in a bit of time travel. In the beautiful 1980 film -- "Somewhere in Time" -- Christopher Reeve goes back in time to find his great love, Jane Seymour. He doesn't use a time machine but simply puts on a suit from the period in history he wants to return to and then concentrates on being there.
My new brunette found this gown that is similar to one her sister wore in the early 1970s. She put it on and struck a pose similar to one her long lost sister struck.
The two gowns were created by one of the "dollsandreams" home designers who brought their creations to the shop every Saturday morning. It was like a mini designer trunk show and the local kids were always eager to see what new fashions were available. I always felt a little bit guilty buying even one outfit because it meant one less available for the kids. But hardly a Saturday went by that I didn't pick up one or two outfits for my girls and boys. I found it easier to live with the guilt than to deprive my Sashas.