Wednesday, August 4, 2010


First print out two copies of the basic pattern. I find it easier to simply line "shaped" pieces like these with organdy or any other lightweight fabric. You can have the shoulder straps go from back to front or front to back depending on your design. I trace the sewing line on to the organdy and sew all the pieces at one time.
Basically, there are two ways to close the sides. First simply sew the two sides together. The pattern allows the pinafore to slip easily over Sasha's hips without a side closure. This is the most basic version of the Pinafore.
Or, if you do want side closures then instead of sewing the front and back together on the inside you simply overlap the front piece over the back piece and top stitch it to the back leaving a flap opening. This isn't really necessary but if it is part of your design then this method works easily.

BTW, the fabric I used is a printed cotton blend. The "right" side is much darker and color intense. This is the back side which resembles faded denim. Years ago, when I was a doll designer, there wasn't any lightweight denim available to make doll clothes so we discovered this trick of using the backside of a dark blue cotton. The texture even looks like denim.