Saturday, November 8, 2008


Looking back to those early days of Sasha in the 1970s, I realize how contemporary their styling was -- especially Gregor in his slim jeans and Beatle style haircut. Sasha was very trendy as well in her leather mini dress and knee-high boots.
Thinking about the Beatles reminds me of a popular "mind-trick" from the 1970s. This was always good for a free drink at the bar when your chums got the answer wrong -- which everyone usually did.
"Which came first -- the arrival of the Beatles in America or the assassination of President Kennedy?"
Both events were still fresh in everyone's mind so the confusion was understandable, but even today most people get it wrong.
The dates are a clue - November 22, 1963 and August 15, 1965.
President Kennedy probably never even heard of the Beatles before the awful November day in 1963.
But most people switch the events in their minds and say the Beatles came first.
What did you think?