Saturday, November 29, 2008


From the first moment I saw Sasha dolls playing together in the window of "dollsandreams" I was impressed by how much they resembled real children. The ingenuity of their design sets them apart from all other dolls because it allows Sashas to pose in natural ways.
Added to that is the uniqueness of their faces which produces the effect that no two are alike.
When I photograph Sasha dolls I try to pose them to look as natural and childlike as possible. I also try to give each one a distinct personality. In the photograph above it is easy to see that while these two girls are certainly related they are quite different in personality.
The doll on the left has a more determined stance and a casual look about her with tossed tresses and one sock up and one sock down.
The doll on the right is clearly more reserved and a bit shy. Her nervous, turned-in toes indicate a hesitation that is accented by her hands behind back stance. Her expression is wistful. Her hair is brushed back neatly, and her socks are even.
These are all subtle details that give character to the photo and an air of reality to the dolls.