Thursday, November 6, 2008


Back in the early 1970s, when I first started collecting Sasha dolls, I did not pay much attention to which outfit they wore or which tube they came in. After several months there were over a hundred tubes in my closet.
When we decided to move to California a decade later I had to decide which Sashas would make the transition. I selected a blonde and brunette version of Sasha, Gregor, and the baby. The rest of my Sashas went to live with other families.
Sadly, all my original Sashas were lost in the move.
When I started collecting again I was like one of those older fathers starting a second generation of kids. There have been articles written about what good fathers they are the second time around.
Well, I still don't pay much attention to their outfits or their tubes and boxes, but I do pamper them a bit more than my first generation.
Here is my second generation brunette Sasha wearing a beautiful handmade romper created by my friend Joan.
This brunette is very different from my first one but she does have deep bangs and wonderful eyes.

And I do indulge her.