Sunday, November 16, 2008


Back in the early 1970s, when I first started adopting Sasha dolls, I was not a collector in any sense of the word. My Grandmother had hundreds and hundreds of dolls and Teddy Bears and she was definitely a collector.
At best, I was an acquirer who dropped by "dollsandreams" every week and usually brought home a few Sashas -- until there were over 100 of them playing in their specially designed cabinets.
That, however, led to collecting that now resembles amassing and a passionate desire to learn more and more about these charming creations.
When we moved to California, most of my first Sashas went to live with other families. I planned to take a small Sasha family with us but they were lost in the move.
When I got my first computer, and discovered the Internet and eBay, I started to search for Sashas. Once again I began to acquire (not collect) one Sasha after another. But none of them looked exactly like my first family.
So, I began to study the differences. Armed with Dorisanne's book, and the detailed descriptions on various websites, I learned about the differences between my first Sasha family and my later one.
After starting this blog a month ago, I decided to go in search of a third Sasha family that would be made up of my first family's sisters, brothers and cousins.
Thanks to three wonderful "enablers" I think I have found three cousins of the girls in the photo above. The first one will arrive early next week and the other two will come across the pond from England.
I will share their adventures, and my quest, with you in the days ahead.