Tuesday, November 18, 2008


While it was Yvonne who first introduced me to Sasha dolls there was another woman who provided me with the much needed information I required when I started collecting my second Sasha family almost 30 years later.
I have never met Dorisanne but her book has been my constant companion since the year 2000.
Sasha Dolls Through the Years is beautifully photographed in full color and expertly researched. It is the perfect guide for the beginning collector as well as for a collector returning after many years away. All of the doll's details and variations are described in clear text and illustrated with full-color photographs.
Here was another good enabler taking me by the hand and explaining everything I wanted, and needed, to know.
The paperback edition is $32.95 and the hardcover edition is $39.95. If you are serious about Sasha I suggest the hardcover edition because it will endure many, many hours of reading and researching.
Both are available from Dorisanne directly. And she will autograph your copy if you ask her.
Contact Dorisanne Osborn at