Monday, November 17, 2008


In typical schizophrenic English language style, the word enable is a good thing. The Dictionary defines it as "to provide with the means or opportunity -- training that enables people to earn a living."
However, in current social terms, and the Dictionary, an enabler is a bad thing and defined as "one who enables another to persist in self-destructive behavior."

But what about the good enabler? My life has been filled with them -- especially my life with Sasha.
My first enabler was Yvonne, the owner of "dollsandreams." Her winning smile, charming accent, and obvious love for Sasha dolls encouraged me to adopt my first Gregor. And, as my mentor and enabler, she delighted me with stories about their creator and the wonderful people in England who manufactured them.
Her first-hand knowledge and obvious devotion only intensified my fascination with these artfully crafted dolls who could stand on their heads.
It was Yvonne who took me by the hand and guided me down the yellow brick road that I would later call Sasha Street.