Monday, November 3, 2008


Historically, most artists live in isolation, struggle with their art, and seldom find recognition in their own lifetime. And they almost never find anyone who shares their vision.
Sasha Morgenthaler dreamed of producing a doll of fine quality that could be produced at a reasonable price. Her vision was clear.
Like most artists, she struggled to make that dream come true and despite setbacks she continued to search for a company that could produce a doll to her specifications.
Call it luck, or fate, or the work of angels -- Sasha met Sara Doggart, and her husband, who shared her vision.
The combined efforts of these two women made production of a commercial Sasha doll possible. And, against the odds, they successfully achieved Sasha's goal of a quality doll that was reasonably priced.
I think of them in the same way as Gilbert and Sullivan, or Rogers and Hart -- words and music that blend together perfectly.
The shared vision of perfection where production and art blend together to create an object of beauty and joy that has lasted long after production ended