Thursday, November 6, 2008


As an only child, I have often made a joke of my plight.
"Even though I am an only child, I am not my Mother's favorite. Her favorite was the one she wanted."
The great American doll designer, Madame Alexander, was asked if she had a favorite doll. She replied, "Does a Mother have a favorite child?"
Of course the answer is -- yes!
As a parent I can say that each of my children is a favorite for very different reasons and at various times depending on the circumstances.
The same is true of my Sashas. I love the dark-eyed brunettes, but the blondes are often easier to photograph. The brunettes have a more elusive and mysterious quality while the blondes seem more wistful and a little bit lost.
And all are a reflection of my mood at the moment.
Perhaps that is why I always seem to group them in families -- blonde and brunette.
The sky is dark today with threatening clouds and the hint of approaching rain.
A perfect day for brunettes.