Sunday, July 4, 2010


One of America's most popular fashion designers is Tommy Hilfiger who has done numerous collections with a red, white, and blue theme. Several years ago he teamed up with FAO SCHWARZ and produced a charming line of young girl doll fashions that reflected his popular adult fashions. The dolls were created and produced by the Madame Alexander doll company. The fashions are all beautifully designed and crafted which has always been a hallmark of the Alexander company. The dolls were not successful and the line faded away. While they are hard to find, the fashions and fantastic accessories can be found online from time to time and are usually quite reasonably priced. The accessories are all wonderfully conceived and crafted -- from backpacks to hair clips. All of the shirts and jackets fit Sasha and Gregor perfectly. The dresses usually fit if the waist is not too tight. However the pants and shoes do not fit Sasha. The good news is that the shoes do fit the Sasha baby and toddler.
I am constantly amazed to discover new items that pop up from time to time. The boxed sets always contain wonderful accessories. I especially like all of the red, white, and blue outfits that can easily be mixed with a number of fashions from the Magic Attic line.
My Sashas love to borrow fashions from other doll lines. And I often wonder how Sasha herself would dress her dolls today. I think she might have liked the way her dolls look in these contemporary styles.