Sunday, July 18, 2010


Sasha is wearing another one (actually two) of the Best Friends Club fashions. These two outfits are from one of the boxed doll sets that comes with an extra outfit. These dolls often retail for over $35.00 but I found this complete MIB set online for just $11.00 using the search engine
Frankly, I bought the set just to get the eye glasses. They are molded in one piece and were just a wee bit too wide to fit Sasha so I used a hair dryer to gently soften and reshape the sides. It took about a minute to do.
The T-shirt logo reads "Bookworms" which I found amusing. I thought about a sports team with that name and wondered what their game might be. Then I remembered a line from a recent movie where one character says to another, "I was captain of the paraphrase team."
These outfits often need a bit of "letting out" to fit perfectly, but not much and really easy to do. I'll be discussing clothing alterations next month on the blog.