Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Don't you dare pinch my cheek."

Last night we were watching "The Princess Bride" -- one of my favorite films. In the opening scene the little boy complains to his Mother that his Grandfather always pinches his cheek. I could almost hear my new brunette Sasha laughing and when I looked over at her she seemed to be saying, "Don't you dare pinch my cheek."

This doll has a very different look, as did her sister from my first family. I have often wondered why they both looked so different from all my other Sasha dolls. I always thought it was the deep, thick fringe that created it. But, last night I realized that her cheeks are fuller than any of my other dolls -- even my other wide-face kids. I noticed that a couple of my later Gotz kids, Alberto and Maria, also seem to have this fuller cheek look.

There have been lots of discussions and speculations about the variations in the Trendon doll heads. Some are wider than others and others are smaller. Variations not only occur from year to year but often within the same production year. The differences are subtle but certainly contribute to the uniqueness of each doll.

I noticed this when I was first adopting Sasha dolls back in the early 70s. I would open dozens of tubes and compare the dolls because there were these variations that gave each doll a distinct expression.

That is why it has taken me almost ten years to find this brunette twin to my lost first family brunette.

Take a look at your dolls and see if any of them have this wider face with the fuller cheeks. It is most evident when you look at the 3/4 and semi-profile positions and you look at the cheek outline against her hair.