Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Sasha is always on the lookout for new dolls to borrow fashions from. Last week she discovered a new doll line called BEST FRIENDS CLUB or BFC ink. This doll is 18 inches tall but her clothes fit Sasha perfectly. Well, almost perfectly because the jeans need to be turned under at the ciuff as they are a bit too long.
The basic doll set comes with a doll and two outfits plus a charming journal filled with delightful pages that can easily be adapted to Sasha's world. If you have a young collector at home the journal will provide hours of fun. Lots of ideas for Sasha and friends to take part in.
TOYS R US is selling this set for $15.00 which is an amazing price (suggested retail is about $35.00) and the separate outfit sets are under $10.00. At other stores like TARGET and KMART the prices are slightly higher but still very inexpensive.
I think this KAITLIN set is the best deal considering even the charming faux suede lace-up boots fit Sasha. Some of the separate fashion sets have plastic shoes that might fit Sasha. I ordered one and will show it on a Sasha when it arrives. The jeans are very tight but are still a good fit.
Overall, this entire doll line is an amazing bargain and the quality of the outfits is extremely good considering the price.
And my Sashas love the styles.