Thursday, July 1, 2010


"Hi, you must be the new model."

"Don't be nervous, he's easy to work for."

"Just watch what I do and you'll be fine."

"That's it -- keep in step."

"That was fun. I hope we work together again soon."

Another challenge when photographing Sasha dolls is the interaction between two or more dolls. Photography is similar to pantomime in that it is like a silent movie with action and subtitles. Once again all of the elements must work together to create the illusion of reality.
Here are five images that tell a simple story.
The brunette is a popular model who has worked with the photographer before. The blonde is new to the experience of modeling. The brunette whispers that the photographer is very easy to work with. One or two poses and they are in step with each other. When the photography session is over they have become friends.

Even without props or elaborate settings it is possible to tell a simple story with your dolls. And that is part of the fun when photographing them. I find it is even easier if you assign roles for each doll to portray. In this series the brunette is the more experienced model helping the novice. The story could have taken a different turn and they might have ended up pulling each other's hair, but in this story they become friends.