Friday, July 16, 2010


Sasha wears a bright red T-shirt with a snowflakes and Tommy signature print. Gregor wears a cable knit sweater with a signature Tommy star made from sequins.

Gregor wears a Tommy T-shirt with an overall graphic print accented with tiny sparkles. Sasha wears a T-shirt with a delightful graphic spelling out "TOMMY" in decorative letters. Sleeves have signature design and colors.

Gregor wears a pale blue dress shirt with real working buttonholes. The shirt has a Tommy signature patch over the heart. Sasha wears a bright red T-shirt with a graphic Tommy design.

While many of today's doll companies struggle to capture the young girl market with so-called trendy outfits, they usually miss the mark completely. That is often equally true in the human fashion world as well.
Of all the American designers working today, TOMMY HILFIGER seems to be the one with his finger on the young pulse of America's youth.
And that is equally true of the doll fashions he created several years ago for the Madame Alexander & FAO Schwarz exclusive line of dolls and fashions. All of the outfits could easily be mixed and matched and almost all featured versatile separates like these T-shirts, sweaters, and shirts. They all feature his signature red, white, and blue color scheme in a variety of themes and graphics.
Over the years I have collected these fashions because they fit Sasha perfectly and are beautifully made of quality materials and feature wonderful details -- especially in their accessories. But I was not always lucky enough to find complete sets MIB so I often bought large collections of "pieces" from eBay sellers. Many of these included dolls as well as an array of outfits, shoes, and accessories. Some of the boxes had pictures of the other sets that were available but not all. So I am constantly surprised to find new items I didn't know existed.
For whatever reason, these fashions always look just right for Sasha. Perhaps it is the blue gingham lining in several of the jackets and skirts.