Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yesterday after my new brunette arrived, and I photographed her, I gave her a spa treatment. I realize this was potentially dangerous since early brunettes have very fragile hair. Basically everything worked out with just a few strands coming out in the comb. But she has lost some factory curl. I can eventually reset her hair if I want to get it back to the original look, but for now I'm leaving it alone.
I also laundered her outfit and was delighted that the knickers didn't lose their elasticity. She with probably need to have her stringing tightened or replaced because it isn't as tight as it was originally so she only holds a limited number of poses.
The thing about Sasha dolls that is so fascinating to me is how different and unique each one is. While this brunette is a near identical twin to my first family brunette she clearly has a personality all her own. All their subtle differences add up to create a special attitude and personality.
What I love about these two brunettes is their determined, almost pugnacious, no-nonsense expression. Back in the 70s my first brunette always delighted me with that look that seemed to say "... back off or deal with the consequences."
So now I have her twin and that attitude seems to be a family trait because she only poses as it suits her to.