Sunday, July 25, 2010


I have never adopted a waif before. Of course I have adopted several pre-loved Sasha dolls but they were not really waifs -- they were orphans. Then I saw this true waif on eBay and I decided to rescue her. She was like one of those puppies you see in the pet shop window and decide on impilse you just have to have a dog. No reason -- just pure emotion. OK, I admit that I had ulterior motives. If her adoption fee was low enough and it turned out that her fringe was, in fact, cut off as it appeared to be -- I could afford to have her rerooted to resemble an earlier fringe blonde. And she had a very compelling expression.
When she arrived - nude and alone in an old cardboard box - I knew she would need lots of TLC. I gave her a quick bath, dressed her in a new Tommy Hilfiger terry robe, and took her "before" photo.
After a good night's sleep I gave her hair and body a full spa treatment. While she has a few tiny marks that OXY 10 can handle, the rest of the "flaws" were really just surface dirt. Her fringe had been combed back for a long time and it took two shampoos to get her hair squeaky clean and conditioned. To my surprise and delight her fringe had not been cut but was actually quite long,
So now she almost does resemble an earlier fringe Sasha. She was born in the early 70s (tan cord) and made it clear to me that she is a bit of a Tomboy and prefers clothes that reflect the love generation years. So I dressed her in this Carpatina outfit. If I was inclined to name my dolls (I'm not) I would probably call her "Woodstock" because I'm sure she'd love it.

So, my first waif adventure has a happy ending and I have another blonde Sasha who makes me smile.