Thursday, December 4, 2008


This Quick-and-Easy pattern for a Gregor vest can either be completely sewn or cut out of felt and only need two small seams sewn. It is especially good for plaids and prints that might be difficult to match. The blue plaid vest shows how the plaid matches front, sides, and back. This vest was made short in front for another project. The red vest is made from heavy felt and the front is the typical length.
This pattern allows you to create a Gregor vest quickly and easily in either the lined fabric version or the felt version.
One trick I use to speed things along, and get a perfect result, is to use lightweight iron-on interfacing. It not only keeps the fabric from "moving" but it is a perfect surface to trace the pattern. The pattern is made with only the sewing or cutting line. After you sew the vest and lining together you just cut away the seam allowance.
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