Monday, December 8, 2008


The basic rod and garter system can work out of doors as well as indoors. However, if you want to use it indoors you have to create a wooden base with a drilled hole to accept and hold the rod. This takes a bit of skill and the right tools.
Here is a quick and easy alternative that everyone can make. First, if you don't have the right elastic to make the garter you can used heavy felt. The problem with felt is that it stretches out over time and frequent use.
In the photos above I have made an indoor version. I used a white wire clothes hanger that I cut apart and reshaped to have a support rod and a triangle base. In the photos the base appears free standing, but in order for it to actually work you need to tape it down securely to a flat surface. You can then cover it with cloth or cardboard with just the rod exposed. I prefer to use a plain gray metal hanger because it tends to blend into any background if, by chance, it should show in the photo. The white one was for this demonstration only.
This is a quick and easy way to support your Sasha for a photo and allows for more interesting poses.
If you would like more information and instructions for creating this system just send an e-mail to