Thursday, December 18, 2008


About the same time that I discovered my first Sasha doll I also discovered a charming little book by Joan Walsh Anglund titled "A Friend is Someone Who Likes You" that has now become a classic.
Friends come to us in many ways but with the advent of the Internet we have all discovered a new world of unseen friends who are often spread out around the globe.
This week one of my Gregors received a gift from Christine in Canada - a beautiful hand-knit sweater and socks. The quality and detail are amazing. Gregor especially likes the different color buttons. He just happens to be one of those little chaps who loves socks so the green and yellow stripe socks were a huge hit with him.
Now, having been surprised by a new and unexpected act of friendship, he is off to give this charming stuffed Gingerbread snowman to one of his favorite girls. Will there be mistletoe in his future?

Thank you, Christine, for your beautiful gift of friendship.