Saturday, December 13, 2008


The other day I received two DVDs from Marie Morgan that she produced for Sasha festivals in the UK. The first one is titled "English Sashas - the Early Years 1965 - 75" and the second one is titled "The Studio Dolls of Sasha Morgenthaler" Both of these DVDs are amazing and filled with stunning images of our favorite dolls.
The English Sashas features an interview with Brenda Walton who was associated with Trendon from the beginning. It also contains a short film showing the factory workers creating a doll for a little girl. As a collector I was spellbound watching the various stages of a doll's creation.
During the interview with Brenda we learn that Sasha kept one of the very first brunette Gregor dolls on her workbench beside her. In the second DVD we see Sasha at work in her studio and there is the Gregor watching her.
The Studio Dolls DVD has a long interview with Sasha but the translation left me wishing I spoke Sasha's language as the narrator's voice is distracting. Nevertheless, the film not only shows Sasha at work and displaying her dolls, but gives us a tour of beautiful images of her rare studio dolls.
I have only seen two actual studio dolls and had the honor of photographing them for DOLLS magazine. They are amazing in person and even more like-like than in photographs.
These two DVDs are a joy to watch and a treasure trove of images and information for a collector.
They are both a tribute to Sasha and her dolls and a gift of love to the entire Sasha community.
This is Marie's website