Friday, December 5, 2008


Most people photograph their dolls using natural light either out of doors or near a window inside. This is what photographers call "single source" lighting and while it gives sharp detail it also creates dark shadows on the "far side of the moon" -- the side away from the source.
Photographers and film makers all use bounce lighting to fill in the dark areas of a photo. The basic technique simply uses a white board that reflects (bounces) the light to the side of the subject away from the light source.
In the two photos above you can see that the photo on the left has a deep shadowed right side which distorts the shape of the doll's face and creates flaws like the wrong color shoe snap. The photo on the right used the same light source but has a white board placed 12 inches away from the doll. Now the lighting is completely balanced and the doll's face looks even as well as both shoe snaps being the same color.
The closer you place the white board the more bounce light you will have. There is an estimated reflect-bounce ratio. A matte finish white board will give you about 40% reflected light. A glossy white board will give you about 50% reflected light. A silver foil board will give you about 75% reflected light and a mirror will give you 100% reflected light.
Now you can photograph Sasha in all her reflected glory.