Tuesday, December 30, 2008


When I first began collecting Sasha dolls in the early 1970s I created a life-size paper model that was easy to roll up and carry with me when I went shopping for doll furniture, accessories, and even fabrics. It was a lot easier than taking an actual doll.
Later I also created a Sasha ruler so that I could measure things and determine if they were in scale.
I have recreated that life-size paper model and ruler for all my Sasha friends. I have also created two sheets of "everyday objects" in scale for your Sasha dolls. These items are in adult size -- not doll size. They are intended to show just how large the adult items would appear to Sasha if she was a human child.
If you would like copies of these four sheets just send an e-mail with the word MODEL in the subject line to