Monday, December 1, 2008


Here is a quick and easy way to take care of Sasha's hair. If your doll's hair is clean then just follow these easy steps. If her hair is not clean you will need to shampoo it first. (click on photos to enlarge)
Begin with dry hair. The doll in the top pictures has messy fringe (bangs) and box-flattened hair in the back.
Middle row of photos - use a light spray mist of water on the fringe and the top of the head. Gently brush the fringe down on the doll's forehead and brush the top of the hair until it is smooth. Do not wet the back of the hair or brush it.
Put a woman's hair net over the top of Sasha's head and let her hands hold it down. With the net over her head you can gently comb the fringe into place. Then cover the head with a sock. Let the hair dry.
Next, remove the sock and hair net and dip the back of the hair into very hot (not boiling) water. Shake out the water and finger comb the hair until the original curl returns.
In the bottom photos you can see the results. Sasha's fringe lays on her forehead and the original factory curl has returned to the back of her hair.